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Lake Powell! Good to be back!

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If I could pick just one place where I would really like to be, well that would probably still be the Rivera Maya in Mexico.  However coming in at a very close second….Lake Powell.  It’s hard to explain the effect this place has on you and it hasn’t changed in the almost sixteen years since we’ve been here.

Back in 1997, my parents invited Steve and I out here, along my sister Laura and her husband Roger, to cruise around for 4 days/3 nights on a houseboat.  It was a blast and we took advantage of flying into Vegas were we eloped!  So to say we are a little partial to this area to begin with, is a bit of an understatement!  Speaking of my parents, we just want to wish them a wonderful 51st Wedding Anniversary, July 21st!!

It was hot when we got here, 108 degrees hot.   Dry heat or not, it was almost unbearable.

LP1 101

The drive into the park.  It was really hazy out this day, wondering if we were getting some of the smoke and haze from the wildfires.

LP1 108

LP1 124

LP1 132

Nice boat!

LP1 120

We decided to stay in the Glen Canyon National Park for the first few nights.  Everything was really close and we hit the beach and the pool at the resort.  The dogs stayed nice and cool in the motor home.  Ozzie was so out of it, he couldn’t decide if he wanted to chew his bone or take a nap, so he did both!

LP1 140

LP1 150

The campground was very nice and the views were very nice.  This is monsoon season here and thunderstorms can pop up out of no where.

LP1 159

LP1 153

LP1 164

LP1 184

LP1 160

Oh boy does this bring back memories.  So much fun!

LP1 189

Time for another cheesy picture!

LP1 191

On our third day here, it was time to move on.  However we weren’t ready to leave the area so we headed into town to another park which was very nice.  We were only a few short miles from the lake and close to shopping.  Our site had a few shade trees, boy does that make a difference.  There is a pool too, but it’s indoors.  Too hot for an indoor pool.

Even though it was about 95 degrees, we decided to head out and find Horseshoe Bend, seen pictures but we didn’t see it last time we were here.  If you can read the sign, it says it’s a 3/4 mile hike up and down a hill.  It’s not an easy hike let me tell you and the sand was HOT!  Tennis shoes would have been a smart idea.  But we made it and it was worth it.

LP2 001

These people found some shade, but there wasn’t much of it anywhere else and by the time we got to our destination,  I was ready to jump off the ledge and into the water below!

LP2 005

Horseshoe Bend –  Awesome!  No railings, had to watch where you were stepping.

LP2 011

LP2 008

You get just some idea of how high up we were by looking at the picture below, look for the speedboat in the water.

LP2 018

We stayed for a while and took it all in.

LP2 047

What’s Steve thinking?  The same thing I am….

LP2 045

We gotta walk back up there?

LP2 026

One more quick look and we headed back.

LP2 039

Stopped by the Glen Canyon Dam and took some pictures up close.

LP2 059

Also stopped at a viewing point in the park and had some lunch.  It was a busy day for houseboats and jet skis.  Pictures are a little fuzzy, I tried to get as close up as possible.  These boats are so cool, you have everything you need, a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, patio, water slide, gas grill and more…some even have hot tubs.

LP2 066

LP2 067

LP2 068

Up ahead is the hotel and marina.

LP2 090

Boat rental building.

LP2 109

Lots of cool places to pull over and see some incredible sights.  Unfortunately, the best sights are seen only from being on lake Powell and traveling by boat.  But it was nice to explore the surrounding areas tool.

LP2 122

We thought we’d only be here for a few days, well still here.  Enjoying the sights and deciding on our next destination.  We were thinking about heading to the Flagstaff area, but due to a collapse of the highway we were going to take and the detour taking us quite a bit out of our way, we may rethink it.   Or maybe we’ll stay here????

Until next time….stay cool and hope you are enjoying your summer.


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