Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Great Birthday Day in the Flaming Gorge at Lucerne Valley Marina!


Sorry, it’s been a while since our last post.  LIfe on the Gorge has been pretty fun so far.  We just came off a really busy weekend over Labor Day.  Saturday night the Yacht Club hosts a Parade of Lights on the water, it’s where boats get all decked out and cruise the shore line of the Marina and Stateline Cove.  They are even judged in different categories and we got the honor of being the judges this year.  Once the boats  get back to the Marina, the fireworks start.  For a small marina, they sure put on quite a show!  We could sit right in the motor home and watch them go off just up the hill.  I only wish our camera took good night-time photos!

FG1 090

FG1 079

Today for my Birthday, we decided to use one of the perks of working at the Marina.  We took out one of the ski boats to explore a bit.  We get to use them for free, just have to pay for the gas we use.  Steve and I have never went boating by ourselves before, I think we are hooked.  If only we could figure out how to tow the Jeep and a boat behind the motor home!

Boat 043

Going through the canyons was very peaceful, there was hardly anyone out today other than a few fisherman.

Boat 008

Boat 021

Boat 070

Boat 001

Stopped for lunch at a boat – in only campground called Kingfisher Island.  Not a soul around.  The weather was beautiful, upper 80’s however the water was a little chilly for swimming.  During the summer months, this place is packed with reservations.  People just pull up and camp in their boats.

Boat 042

I even took a turn at driving, it’s a lot easier than driving the motor home, that is for sure!

Boat 061

Every corner or turn, the landscape changed.

Boat 084

Boat 041

Boat 010

Boat 030

Today was such a great day, I think we will definitely be taking a boat out again very soon!  Next time we’ll take the patio boat and take Sami and Ozzie out with us.  They would love it!  We took them on a walk on the beach here and they couldn’t wait to run into the water.

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer!  Until next time……


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2 thoughts on “Great Birthday Day in the Flaming Gorge at Lucerne Valley Marina!

  1. It is really too bad that you are having such a boring life. Seeing all that boring scenery and having that lousey weather must be a downer. Just think you could be here in dynamic fond du lac and going to concerts in the park. If you want to trade places and let me take all that pain from you let me know. We have a great monument in lakeside park called the lighthouse which is the greatest icon within 3 miles around. We say whoppie ding dong here. yup yup.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Appears you enjoyed your birthday.

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