Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie


Off to Vegas and warmer weather

It’s only been about a year and a half now that we’ve been on the road, but it’s obvious we have lost our tolerance for colder weather.  Well at least I have, Steve can handle it better than I can.  Fall has skipped us from what I hear in Utah and it’s colder than usual and snow has hit the valley a few times but it melts quickly.

We had a great time this past summer at Lucerne Valley Marina and Campground in the Flaming Gorge and we met some awesome people.  We knew we would have to leave eventually, but when we came back from shopping one day to find that they closed the campground down due to the government shutdown, we knew it would be very soon, in fact at first we thought we had only two days to leave but fortunately, we worked for some of the best people out there and they let us stay in a separate area that is for employees only.  We stayed there for about two weeks planning where we would travel next.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves other than these guys.

Last Pics FG 235

The dogs loved having the run of the place and we went on a lot of long walks enjoying the fall weather.

Last Pics FG 200

So we headed out, next destination….Vegas!  We drove north into Wyoming and cut across to Salt Lake City.  This took us a bit out of the way, but anything was better than the way we came in.  Those mountains and 8% grades were killers.  It was very cool to see what fall looks like in the high desert.  We also agreed that Utah has to be one of the most beautiful states.  It has so much to offer as far as National Parks – Zion National Park, Glen Canyon, Canyon Lands, Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon and of course Flaming Gorge and so much more.

LV1 007

LV1 052

LV1 029

LV1 061

LV1 078

It took two days but we made it to Vegas….up ahead you can see the buildings and the smog!

LV1 096

We found a place that is about 4 miles from the strip, but it seems everything is easily accessible in this town.  The strip is so much different than I remember in 1997… but we were here for such a short time.  There is so much to see and do, I don’t know how anyone can do it all.  I think the most fun is people watching…there are some interesting characters walking around out there, some just trying to sell you tickets, others working for tips…the others…not so sure……

There are human statues….

LV1 180

Chucky even likes Vegas…

LV1 188

A little something for the ladies…..

LV1 177

A little something for the guys….

LV1 176

Even a little Micheal J.

LV1 167

But we never quite figured out who this guy was for…..but he was hilarious!

LV1 190

Had to stop at M&M world.  It was 4 stories of M&M everything!  At $12 something a pound for bagging your own flavors…we decided we’d get our chocolate fix at Walmart on the way home :0)!

LV1 165

LV1 166

The hotels were all so cool and different in there own way.  First Wynn…

LV1 124

LV1 126

Treasure Island…

LV1 141

LV1 139

Pool at Caesar’s Palace,

LV1 185

So much shopping to be done, Prada, Tiffanys, Fendi…check out these shoes at the Fendi Store.   Not sure that I would have anywhere to wear these, so we passed on by! Ha! Ha!

LV1 183

Fashion Mall

LV1 127


LV1 130

Inside Sams Town, closer to where we are staying off the strip.  This is inside the hotel area.

LV1 107

Tried to find his Irish Pub one day inside one of the hotels, but didn’t.  We will go back and try again.

LV1 178

I think this is inside the MGM, but they all start blurring together after a while.
LV1 187

LV1 179

We have been here for a few weeks now.  Tomorrow is Halloween and may hit the strip to see what’s all going on.

Until next time….Happy Halloween.