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Ringing in 2014 in Quartzsite, AZ

Overall, I think that we were in Vegas for about 2 and a half months.  Thinking back, I can’t believe that we celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas there.  Time goes by so fast lately.  Even though we celebrated most of the major holidays in Vegas, I think the biggest thing that happened while we were there was the arrival of Britney Spears and her new show at Planet Hollywood.  They even closed down the strip when she arrived.  We passed on getting tickets to that one.

QRZT 003

But finally we decided to move on and south to warmer weather.  After looking at a few options, we decided to head to Quartzsite, AZ.

QRZT 057

QRZT 060

We crossed the Colorado River in Parker, NV.

QRZT 066

QRZT 067

QRZT 070

Quartzsite is a very small AZ town with only a little over 3000 year round residents, however in the winter months that population explodes with RV’rs.  Many come for one or all 3 shows that take place on the Tyson Wells grounds.  The first is the Rock and Gem Show, the second is the Sell-A-Rama and the last is the Art & Craft Fair.  The first show starts January 3rd and the last one ends Feb 9th.  We have been here for almost a week now and it’s fun to see all the vendors who are coming to set up for the Rock and Gem show.  Buyers will come from all over the country in the next few days and this place will be packed.  We started walking around and checking out all the rocks, gems and jewelry..some are down right pricey, but hear that they are actually quite reasonable which is why so many people come to the show.  There are other items for sale here like clothes and tools, heck you name it you can find it.

QRZT 077

Believe it or not these big rocks sell for $300-500 a piece!

QRZT 081

QRZT 079

Beads everywhere…from everywhere!

QRZT 078

Buckets of rocks..well not just rocks, but whatever they are people are buying them.

QRZT 080

QRZT 084

Found this cute little outdoor bar between some of the tents.  Called Beer Bellies “Adult Day Care”!  They have an outdoor jam session going on most of the day.

QRZT 069

QRZT 068

Looking for custom tables?  Maybe a sink?  No worries, just bring lots of cash and you’ll find what you’re looking for.  This coffee table is a steal at $675!

QRZT 082

QRZT 087

QRZT 085

Other neat stuff for sale.

QRZT 089

Now it’s been awhile since we had Fair food, and there is quite a bit of it set up here, but I don’t think I would ever spend $30 on 6 cinnamon rolls!

QRZT 088

So this building is where we are going to spending a lot of our for the next few months.  We were able to find some decent work out here to keep us busy through March.  Great people, lots of shopping, nice weather…can’t ask for more than that.

QRZT 091

Lastly, a picture of our site..minus one bike…someone in Vegas had a good Christmas when they cut through the lock and stole Steve’s bike.  But, I am sure we’ll find him a new one at the Sell-A-Rama!  ;0)

QRZT 094

Happy New Year to all our friends, family and blog followers.  We hope that 2014 brings you much success and happiness.

Until next time…still Living the Dream!

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie