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What’s new and introducing RVillage!

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Boy I knew it had been sometime since we’ve blogged, but didn’t realize just how long it had been until I logged in today.   It’s been a crazy couple of months!!

Quartzsite, AZ was a great experience.  It wasn’t the typical place where we took day trips to see the sights and experience nature and try to capture it in pictures.  No, this was more of an experience on the human level and meeting people from all over the country,  from all walks of life and talent (or no talent) of any or every kind.  We worked and lived in the middle of the desert on a gravel lot where the population went from nothing to over 250,000 people over the course of  a little more than a week.  We met folks from Northern WI, who ran a popcorn stand…they had the best popcorn!  Then there was the young man from Europe who originally carved his craft in South America and came here to sell in the middle of nowhere.  The German guy who was a full-time RVer,  he somehow made his living doing shows selling stretchable lids and grill mats.  So many wonderful and some very talented people.  All so nice and willing to sit down and tell you their story.

Before we left the area, we did hit one small little RV show.  I don’t even know if it was advertised, but when you saw this, you knew you had to stop.  If any of you have watched those extreme RV shows on TV, this may look familiar.  I only wish we could have gone inside.

QRZT - DHS 031

QRZT - DHS 032

There were  some amazing coaches there, it was just fun to browse.

QRZT - DHS 035

QRZT - DHS 043

After a few very interesting weeks there, we headed back to somewhere we really never thought we’d return to…Las Vegas.   Since last December or so, we had been going through the interview process for something very cool and very new called RVillage.




RVillage is a new social media website for RV’ers.  Whether you’re a full-time RV’er or weekend RV’er,  RVillage allows you to connect with other people at the RV park you are at, find people with like interests, create get togethers and  make friends and connect with them even after you leave the park.  Another cool feature is  that you can route your trips on the map, find other RVillage members  or RV parks you may want to stay and local advertisers of places you can eat or get your RV serviced.   This is pretty cool and there is nothing like it out there in the RV industry and it’s totally free to RV’ers and RV parks.

So this is now what we are doing , we spread the word and find local advertisers for the site.  This is an awesome opportunity to travel the country and also support ourselves doing it.  Plus we’ve been planning a trip back to WI and if all goes well we may be saying hello to friends and family members in a few months.

But back to what else we’ve been up to.  We finished up in Vegas with the training, tried to get some repairs done on the motor home (that’s just a whole other story and for the sake of our health, I am not even going to get into that) and had to think of where we wanted to be when this website launched.  It just made sense to head south and back to California again, but we had some places along the way we definitely we wanted to stop at.

First – The Hoover Dam.  This was the first time we ever got our motor home inspected by guards.  We had every compartment searched, our tow vehicle and they even came inside and searched around.  But that went pretty quickly and then we were good to go.  Very beautiful area and we were glad we stopped to see it.

QRZT - DHS 121

QRZT - DHS 130

QRZT - DHS 155

QRZT - DHS 149

QRZT - DHS 158

QRZT - DHS 175

QRZT - DHS 176

QRZT - DHS 120

QRZT - DHS 114

Second – Lake Havasu.  I don’t know if we really knew what to expect but it was a beautiful area and some really nice and pricy homes.  There were a lot of boat dealerships there as well, I guess when all the snow birds leave, the younger crowd takes over and the lake is crawling with boats.  The campground we were staying at was nice, we could see the Lake if you walked to one side of the park, but it was tight.  I think we had 5 inches between our slide and the neighbors slide.  We would definitely come back through this way..just not in the summer months.

QRZT - DHS 211

QRZT - DHS 209

After Lake Havasu, we headed south back through the Quartzsite area.  Did some free camping on BLM land there.  It was very peaceful and the stars at night were amazing.  Steve loves boondocking and it’s starting to  grow on me. Now that we are all so connected to our computers and smart phones for most of the day, the power thing is hard.  We just need to figure out solar and how we can get that to run just basic things.  Otherwise, the generator works great to power everything.  It’s not that loud, but if the wind blows wrong, you get the exhaust smell.  I am sure we’ll get it figured out.

After Quartzsite, we went back to Desert Hot Springs and Sky Valley for a visit.  After almost a year of being away, it seemed like only yesterday we were there.  We had such a nice welcome back and it was good to see old friends.   After that, we wanted explore more of the area.   Did a little more boondocking and then stayed at a nice county park on Lake Cahuilla.  Nice area, huge pool..but it doesn’t open until after Easter.

QRZT - DHS 239

QRZT - DHS 236

QRZT - DHS 234

So that is about it.  We have been doing more boondocking  the last few days until we move on tomorrow.  We are looking forward to updating more often on places we haven’t seen on our trip back to Wisconsin.

Hopefully see you all soon!  Stay tuned.


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One thought on “What’s new and introducing RVillage!

  1. You will love boondocking once you get the hang of it! Solar is where it’s at….in the south west!

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