Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie


South Padre Island, TX

If we would have fallen asleep and magically awoke here, we would have sworn we were on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. South Padre Island in the Gulf of Mexico is nothing like we expected and everything we love, sandy beaches, blue ocean waters and warm weather!


As with each time we have left a gate in the oilfields, it takes us a good couple days to get back into a normal routine. More so with Steve because he works the night shift. Sami and Ozzie take some time adjusting too. But here, with all this sand they are loving it! Sami seems like she’s a puppy again once her toes hit the sand. Ozzie plows right into the ocean and loves the waves. Now getting all the sand out of their coats is a whole other story.


The Island is only 30 miles long and 1/2 mile at it’s widest point. To get to the Island you first cross through the town of Port Isabel and then cross the Queen Isabella Causeway bridge. This is the only way on or off the Island other than by boat and is 2.37 miles long and 84 feet above the channel.



Once Holy week was over, there wasn’t much activity other than the kite surfers and paddle boarders, the beach was pretty quite.  We drove the the north end of the island as far as we could. Here all you could see is sand and the crystal clear blue waters. There were no buildings and it almost felt as if you were on some deserted island, except for the half dozen or so other people that had the same idea as you did and came to check it out.





And just like that….there was no where else to go…


Beautiful buildings and resorts line the island as well as more traditional “beachy” type homes.






The weather here is very nice, although 80-100 percent humidity was a little hard to get used to. The temps range from 75-80 degrees and it’s usually pretty windy.  There is always a fog rolling in somewhere, but the sun is still shining above?

DSCN8311 DSCN8335

It’s a very touristy area, so there are lots of shops and restraurants around. We just missed spring break, well more like we planned to miss it. There are still some MTV signage left around town and a few straglers that you can tell found a party somewhere but otherwise it’s very tame.




This morning on the beach this poor guy had washed up on the shore.  They really are beautiful creatures and it was very sad.  We helped move him up the beach so that he wouldn’t wash away until someone from the research facility could come and get him.

DSCN8481 DSCN8483

Ships and fishing boats of sizes pass through the port, each of them greeted by this massive statue.


DSCN8487We are really enjoying our time here..so much more to see!

Happy Birthday to Steve’s Dad – Mark!  Hope you had a great day yesterday!