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Florida – FINALLY!

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People ask us all the time, “where are you going next?” and we have been answering Florida for what seems like the last few years.  So when we finally crossed the state line and arrived here,  it was a great feeling.  It’s here we plan to spend the winter, exactly where we weren’t sure of, but it didn’t matter really, as long as we have the ocean and warm weather, we would be happy!!

We arrived at our first stop in Florida, St. Augustine – the Nations oldest city.    We pulled into a little park that was right off the highway and set up to stay for a few days.  This sign was posted right across the road, only 6 ft away.  NICE!

DSCN8942 (2)

We are in Florida now, better get used to all sorts of new bugs and creatures. Right next to our park was a huge flea market and when we weren’t exploring the Historic District of St. Augustine, we strolled around and looked at all the stuff folks were selling.  Kinda made my stomach sink as it brought back all the memories of the never-ending rummage sales we had selling off all our belongings before we set off on this journey.

The Historic District was beautiful, the buildings were colorful and architecture was amazing.


Below is Flagler College.


It is



The ocean front homes….no words.


This little guy was for sale and was only one house away from the beach…looks affordable….


Only if you have a half a million dollars!



After touring downtown, we decided to check out the beach.


The sand on the beach was mostly crushed shell.





Definitely one the prettiest beaches we’ve been to!

Next stop…Daytona Beach!



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