Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach… it all looked a little different from the spring break destination that Steve saw back in 1986.

DSCN8958 (3)

Found a great RV Resort to stay at, it even had a guard at the entrance but I don’t know how effective he really was, it appears he not only lost his mind, but his whole head!

DSCN8981 (2)

The snowbirds hadn’t arrived yet so it was quite and most of the time, we had the pool to ourselves.  Loved the zero entry pool!

DSCN9039 (2)

Well, not completely to ourselves…. These little guys are everywhere…

DSCN9040 (2)

We were only about 2 miles away from the Daytona Speedway.  This place is huge!

DSCN8972 (2)

DSCN8967 (2)


Checked out the beach area.   The sand here was hard packed and really easy to walk on.  Hurricane Patricia was off in the distance, we lucked out that it turned and didn’t hit land.  The water was like bath water, it was so warm.


DSCN9007 (2)





The hotels were massive along the beach and the homes big and expensive.

DSCN8992 (2)

DSCN9012 (2)

DSCN9021 (2)


We would have liked to stay longer but with winter comes the snowbirds and they were booked solid.  So we decided to head to the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa here we come.


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Florida – FINALLY!

People ask us all the time, “where are you going next?” and we have been answering Florida for what seems like the last few years.  So when we finally crossed the state line and arrived here,  it was a great feeling.  It’s here we plan to spend the winter, exactly where we weren’t sure of, but it didn’t matter really, as long as we have the ocean and warm weather, we would be happy!!

We arrived at our first stop in Florida, St. Augustine – the Nations oldest city.    We pulled into a little park that was right off the highway and set up to stay for a few days.  This sign was posted right across the road, only 6 ft away.  NICE!

DSCN8942 (2)

We are in Florida now, better get used to all sorts of new bugs and creatures. Right next to our park was a huge flea market and when we weren’t exploring the Historic District of St. Augustine, we strolled around and looked at all the stuff folks were selling.  Kinda made my stomach sink as it brought back all the memories of the never-ending rummage sales we had selling off all our belongings before we set off on this journey.

The Historic District was beautiful, the buildings were colorful and architecture was amazing.


Below is Flagler College.


It is



The ocean front homes….no words.


This little guy was for sale and was only one house away from the beach…looks affordable….


Only if you have a half a million dollars!



After touring downtown, we decided to check out the beach.


The sand on the beach was mostly crushed shell.





Definitely one the prettiest beaches we’ve been to!

Next stop…Daytona Beach!



To Mrytle Beach, SC

We’ve traveled to a lot of different places these past few years, the mountains, the deserts and everything in between.  However, there is just something about the ocean.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico or where we are now, the Atlantic.  There is just something about the soft sand, salt air and soft winds that keeps drawing us in.  Wish we never had to leave.  Maybe this time we won’t!?

Before getting here we spent a good amount of time this summer in Wisconsin.  We stayed at some familiar places and some we’ve never been to before.  La Crosse, WI is very scenic and there is a lot to see and do.  Although the sun wasn’t cooperating, we took a drive up to Grandad’s Bluff, 590 ft about the surrounding land and 1183 above sea level.  The views were amazing, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the fall.

GD Bluff 3

GD Bluff 2

GD Bluff

The La Crosse Queen padlewheeler on the Mississippi River.

Lacrosse queen

Mississippi River Bridge connecting La Crosse, WI and La Cresent, MN.


From there we headed north and spent sometime at a little county park in Warrens, WI.  It was called McMullen Memorial Park.  Our site was the largest site we have ever had.  We took a picture from the front and the back of our pull through site from the road.  Easily could have fit another 3 motor homes on our site.

McMullen Memorial Park

McMullen 2

From there of course, we spent some time in Green Bay.  Steve got to check out the Packers training camp and oh yeah, we got a new windshield!  What started out as a tiny crack from a stone, didn’t take to long to grow into a nice size crack across the glass.  Green Bay has to have the most roundabouts we have ever seen in one city, but they could use to invest a bit on the regular roads. Who would have thought glass could be so expensive!!


We were able to spend a few nights in Fond du Lac and spend time with family before heading down to Indiana for some repairs.  Seems we always are heading somewhere for repairs, but when you travel as many miles as we do and live in your RV, things come loose, wear down or need replacing often.  But finally we were all set now and ready to hit the road again.

We traveled south through Kentucky into Tennessee.  The drive was beautiful but that shiny new windshield filled up fast with bugs and many of our pictures looked more like a crime scene than scenery!


Smoky Mountains up ahead.

Smoky Mountains

Driving through the mountains.



We drove through North Carolina briefly and then South Carolina.  On the side of the highway were all these dilapidated shacks.  Some open for business, others empty. Not sure where one could pull over even if they wanted to purchase what they were selling, which was mostly sweet grass baskets. Honestly, I have never heard of them but after doing some research, I wish we would have stopped to buy one.


Once we hit Columbia, SC we did what I loved the most.  We changed our mind on a dime and headed east.  Myrtle Beach, here we come!

We stayed at a state park that was covered with huge Oaks and moss.  The walk was a few hundred yards to the beach, but the weather was beautiful, hot and humid, but beautiful.






The airport was really close and the planes would fly really low over the beach area.



White sands and warm water! Lots of dogs on the beach!


We definitely need to invest in a good beach umbrella and beach chairs.  Check out the little guy in the shade.  He had a blast in the water.


We have never seen a dog worn as a wrap before!


To much fun, he was all pooped out!



We would have loved to stay longer but…..

Welcome to Fl

Next stop, the oldest settlement in the United States, St. Augustine, FL.  Ozzie’s getting rested up!


“Who can sleep, i’m too excited!”