Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach… it all looked a little different from the spring break destination that Steve saw back in 1986.

DSCN8958 (3)

Found a great RV Resort to stay at, it even had a guard at the entrance but I don’t know how effective he really was, it appears he not only lost his mind, but his whole head!

DSCN8981 (2)

The snowbirds hadn’t arrived yet so it was quite and most of the time, we had the pool to ourselves.  Loved the zero entry pool!

DSCN9039 (2)

Well, not completely to ourselves…. These little guys are everywhere…

DSCN9040 (2)

We were only about 2 miles away from the Daytona Speedway.  This place is huge!

DSCN8972 (2)

DSCN8967 (2)


Checked out the beach area.   The sand here was hard packed and really easy to walk on.  Hurricane Patricia was off in the distance, we lucked out that it turned and didn’t hit land.  The water was like bath water, it was so warm.


DSCN9007 (2)





The hotels were massive along the beach and the homes big and expensive.

DSCN8992 (2)

DSCN9012 (2)

DSCN9021 (2)


We would have liked to stay longer but with winter comes the snowbirds and they were booked solid.  So we decided to head to the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa here we come.