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Goodbye California! Goodbye Arizona!

The biggest trouble with blogging (or with me and blogging), is falling behind in posting pictures while the experience is fresh in your mind.  I was all ready to sit down and dump the photos from the camera to the computer and start blogging about what was going on and realized we had a whole other set of photos already on there just waiting.  So before we get to where we are, we will start with were we’ve been.

After leaving Temecula, we knew ultimately where we were headed and that meant we wouldn’t see the Pacific Ocean again for some time.  We had planned to stop in Oceanside, CA for the day and walk the beach, but the weather wasn’t really cooperating.  We did, however, get to snap off a few pictures and then headed south.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 023

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 022

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 021

We drove south from Oceanside until we hooked up with Hwy 8 which took us pretty close to the border with Mexico and eventually into Arizona.  The terrain really changed along the way and it looked as if someone dropped tons of boulders and rocks every where, but soon it changed back into the desert again.  People come out this way with their dune buggies and dry camp “boon dock” here, the border is right over that sand dune.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 055

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 059

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 079

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 083

GOODBYE CALIFORNIA!  Made it into AZ and Yuma.  This area is really popular for the easy access across the border and for cheap medical, dental and prescription medication – which from what I understand you don’t need a prescription to get it either.  We stopped for lunch and keep heading east.

In Gila Bend, we stopped for 2 nights at this small truckstop/rv park called Holt’s Shell.  Yes it was a gas station and it was small, but had all the hookups we needed and gave Steve a break from all the driving he’s been doing.  Yeah, I know you are all asking why don’t I drive….I did it once, that was good enough for me!  It really is intimidating if you aren’t used to it to be behind the wheel of a vehicle so large that you don’t feel that you even fit in between the lines of your lane, even though you do.   Some day I’ll try it again…. But I am getting off subject.  Here are some pictures of the cool metal art work at Holt’s Shell where we stayed.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 099

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 100

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 102

It was time to move on again, next stop was Tuscon for the night.  We were getting deep into Cactus country now!  The dogs were getting tired of all the driving, Ozzie passed out in the most peculiar position at my feet.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 130

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 117


CA TO Las Cruces, NM 125

We drove passed the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, it’s one of the world’s largest non-government funded aerospace museums displaying nearly 300 aircraft spread over 80 acres.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 149

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 147

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 152

Not really sure what these are but they look new?  There were hundreds of them.

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 157

If we haven’t mentioned it before, California is huge on hiring people to carry signs, banners, sandwich boards, you name it…they are on the corner of practically every shopping area.  Sort of like Liberty Tax people back home in WI, But in CA, it’s to the extreme.  There were poppers, break dancers, people singing, you name it…as if they were hoping to be discovered by some producer.  And it’s not just for tax companies either, restaurants, stores..etc..!  But this one here in Tucson was a first…wonder if there is a Girl Scout Cookie Stand somewhere near by…. ( ok if you are lost by that last statement, it was pretty big in the news here a few months ago about a girl scout who set up her cookie stand near a marijuana dispensary and made a killing in sales).

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 162

We still had a lot of traveling to do before getting to our final destination for the next few months so we said GOODBYE to  ARIZONA!  We were excited to be heading somewhere neither of us have been before….New Mexico!

CA TO Las Cruces, NM 170


To be continued………..